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Amazon Tracker

Track and provides daily and historical sales, stock, and competitor data of any Amazon product.


Alibaba-Amazon Demand Analyzer

Analyze Amazon demand for any Alibaba products.

Amazon Calculator

Calculates Amazon Sellers Cost and Revenue on selected Amazon product (FBA, FBM)


Special Alibaba Products Database

A special database of thousands of pre-Amazon-demand-analyzed Alibaba products.

Amazon Live Tracking

An upgrade of Amazon Tracker. Track and view data trend of Amazon product by the hours.


API Access

Provide API access to millions of data insights about Alibaba & Amazon marketplace


Free /month

Free Tier

For anyone

  • 5 data sessions

$9.95 /month

Hobby Tier

For new Amazon Sellers

  • 750 data sessions
20% OFF


Skilled Tier

For advanced Amazon Sellers

  • 7500 data sessions
35% OFF


Professional Tier

For seasonal Amazon Sellers and mid-size Amazon agencies

  • 75,000 data sessions
50% OFF

$5299.95 /month

Enterprise Tier

For large Amazon brands and agencies

  • 750,000 data sessions

Custom /month

On-demand Tier

For large Amazon brands and agencies

  • Contact us directly for custom amount of data sessions/custom features
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